Sunday, July 25, 2021

BOMBSHELL: Whistleblower Reveals More Than 45,000 Americans Are Dead from the Jab – RECORD DEATHS Hidden From View; Lawsuit Filed Today

During Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour in Anaheim, California this weekend, friend of MAGA INSTITUTE Attorney Thomas Renz announced that he has filed a motion to IMMEDIATELY CEASE administration of the COVID-19 vaccines as a result of MASSIVE HIDDEN DEATHS across the nation.


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Renz based his motion on sworn testimony he obtained from a whistleblower who has come forward alledging that the death rates she has been monitoring on government websites are much much higher than what the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Media are telling people.

In sworn testimony, the whistleblower stated that the accurate COVID shot death tally is 45,000 people .

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You likely know about the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), but the whistleblower revealed that there are 11 other reporting systems that remain unknown to the public, hidden away by corrupt media and government agencies intent on keeping you in the dark about the deadly dangerous jab.

In sworn testimony, the whistleblower stated that the accurate COVID shot death tally is 45,000 people .

These other 11 agencies are being used to hide a much higher mortality rate than even first thought possible.  With each passing day, we are learning that what was once considered a “conspiracy theory” is happening in record time. 

To date, VAERS reports over 11,000 deaths. The whistleblower stated that one of the secret reporting systems indicates that the reality is that more than 45,000 people have died from the experimental gene therapy injections.

The lawsuit to stop these lethal shots will shine more light on this crime against humanity. Stay tuned, as this is breaking news! 

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  1. We’re gonna need some receipts for this before we can take it seriously. Anonymous claims usually don’t end up panning out.

  2. When someone declares “people will die” as a justification for curtailing liberty, the correct response is “what are you suggesting – that liberty isn’t worth dying for? That those who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms made the wrong choice?”
    -Techdirt Forum Post by OldMugwump, 2013

    The above applies to this bio-security fraud as well. The COVID operation is both the smokescreen and bludgeon being utilized for the current blatant world-wide coup by the Davos crowd and if we do not stop this madness we will soon find ourselves locked inside a technological panopticon prison unlike anything seen in history.


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