Friday, June 18, 2021

Ep41 – Oklahoma Cattle Rancher Andrea Hutchison Sounds the Alarm On How Globalists Are Trying To Regulate Your Burger Out of Existence!

As the Fauci emails prove, the only difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth is 12-24 months. As we’ve told people for almost three decades, Agenda21 is not some crazy conspiracy theory, it’s an actual United Nations strategic plan by globalists to “transform” (where have we heard THAT term before?) our planet under the rubric of “sustainability.”

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Oklahoma cattle rancher Andrea Hutchison has been warning people that the globalists have infiltrated the cattle and beef industries (along with every other food creation and processing industry) and are slowly strangling them with burdensome over-regulation that only serves one purpose: to put cattle ranchers out of business.

NGOs like the World Wildlife Fund not only have seats at the table where industry decisions are discussed, they are driving the agenda. Small, independent meatpackers have been driven out of business and corporate consolidations have left our entire supply of beef in the hands of four transnational conglomerates. Competitive markets have been reduced down to one and that remaining market has been grossly distorted by government involvement.

If this all sounds dire, it is. And both Republicans and Democrats are to blame. We expect Democrats to be anti-American, but it’s inexcusable for Republicans to claim to be representing We the People while at the same time working against our interests. Go to Oklahoma Independent Stockgrowers Association and R-CALF USA to learn more about pending legislation and to sign petitions to preserve and protect our beef.

Here is a list of every Republican on the House and Senate Agriculture Committees.
Contact them and tell them to stop playing politics with your food!



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  1. Talk about a VITAL podcast to listen to… this one is of MAGA importance!

    I never realized that the Cattlemen’s
    Beef Promotion & Research Board (CBB)are NOT part of the BEEF industry according to the USMCA with Mexico and Canada. Guess who runs the Beef Industry… the Cabal! The CBB are our family farmers who are being systematically dismantled. We all need to become VERY familiar with the World Wildlife Fund and the JBF…. I’m telling you… listen, listen, LISTEN UP to this podcast… if you THINK you are even informed about what is happening to our food supply chain, I’m telling you to THINK AGAIN! Do it NOW while there’s still enough time to make a difference because that window is quickly closing. This podcast tells you what you can do and YES you CAN make a MAGA DIFFERENCE!

  2. I raise my own beef/veal, pork, lamb/mutton, chicken, eggs, apples, pears, peaches, and vegetables.
    Unless they want to steal my rural homestead, there’s nothing they can do to “regulate my burger out of existence”.

    • Good on you! Don’t fool yourself though, you’re on their list. They’ll do it with land use and watershed quality regulations.

  3. Check out the republican list, no reps or senators from OK and only one from TX. Likely none of these yahoos know much more that, house plants need to be watered.

    • And only one Dem from Texas and none from Oklahoma. Makes Frank Lucas’ stepping off the committee all the more troubling.

  4. Didn’t MAGA implement the USMCA??? Just axing for a friend.
    When you wade in the Swamp the ooze is All Around You.

    • Indeed. And the masquerade and Operation Warp Speed, as if speed to market were the overriding consideration when injecting millions with chemicals. I guess at the end of the day, you can’t make the perfect the enemy of the very good, but the cattle ranchers (and sheep ranchers and poultry growers) should have been included.

  5. The reasoning to get deep in your life and bar producing meat to eat is based on the false assumption that methane is a by-product of its cultivation and is a “green house gas.”

    Methane is an irrelevant greenhouse gas outside of the laboratory and in the atmosphere because it only absorbs and retains Earth’s otherwise escaping long-wave energy in two very specific short radiation bands @ 3.3 & 7.5 microns of the electromagnetic spectrum, where that energy in those narrow bands is also absorbed by water vapor. Water vapor is 5000 to 10,000 times as prevalent in the atmosphere as methane and has long since saturated the absorption factor in those narrow spectral bands leaving virtually no energy for which methane can compete and certainly not enough to worry about increased levels of methane capturing. The only source for methane capture of energy in the atmosphere has long ago been exhausted by humidity. What it can do in the laboratory (25 times more energy absorbent than CO2) without competing gases absorbing IR radiation, it cannot do in the atmosphere because there is no energy left to capture in those bands in which it only absorbs energy that might otherwise escape Earth.

    Read more aggregate of the science involved from these sources (math & charts, if you are interested) —

    • Exactly! So nice to hear from fellow science geeks on this issue. Thanks for an informative comment. ~Timothy

  6. […] The drive to deny Real Americans a say in what they will and will not eat is no new thing, and nobody should be the least bit surprised at it. As with so much else, it’s but one aspect of a multifarious campaign that is alarmingly near to its successful conclusion. […]


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