Sunday, July 25, 2021

Ep45 – Trump Photog Gene Ho Running to Make Myrtle Beach Great Again! 11jun21

Gene Ho went from running a nation-wide photography business to documenting President Trump’s historic rise to the highest office in the land to taking the baton himself and running for mayor of his city, Myrtle Beach, SC. Join Brooke and Timbo’s conversation with Gene about his life, his family, and how the President inspired him to run for office himself.

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Go to to get a signed copy of Gene’s book, “Trump-ography, How Biblical Principles Paved the Way to the American Presidency.”

Please visit to learn more about Gene’s efforts to Make Myrtle Beach Great Again and to support his campaign.

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  1. Listening to this podcast was an absolute BLAST!!! And BROOKE McGOWAN…! You said it here FIRST…. changing the name from Myrtle Beach,SC to MAGA BEACH…and THEN, you TIMOTHY SHEA chime in with YEAH, on June 14th, Flag day AND Trump’s BIRTHDAY Gene Ho proclaims that Myrtle Beach is officially MAGA BEACH … AND to top it OFF…. you BOTH had GENE HO in S-T-I-T-C-H-E-S…!!! I tell you, podcasts don’t get any better than this! PLUS Timothy you NAILED him on his campaign strategy!!!! Folks, you gotta listen to this!!! Plus please contribute to his campaign fund at…. I, too, sat across from him in Tulsa and his story about how he became Trump’s photographer is incredible… so I am GUNG HO for GENE HO! Brooke and Timothy, you two are the best in the biz!!!


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