Sunday, July 25, 2021

Ep54 – Dr Eric Nepute Destroys the “Delta Variant” Fearporn Hoax! 1jul21

In a desperate—and hopefully futile—attempt to maintain control and power over We the People, the CoronaCon criminals are now peddling a new false narrative: that the so-called “Delta variant” is even more deadly than the not-really-more-deadly-than-the-regular-flu other “variants” of COVID-19.

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Missouri Dr Eric Nepute exposes this hoax for what it is and destroys their false narrative with one simple fact: it is well-known that as viri mutate and evolve over time, subsequent variants are LESS virulent with each iteration, not more. This known as “Muller’s Ratchet” and is why the 1918-19 “Spanish flu” H1N1 Influenza A pandemic killed tens of millions around the globe, but a 2009 pandemic of the same virus was no more deadly than the seasonal flu.

So, what can be done? Ignore the fearporn and get healthy. Plenty of sleep and exercise and a proper diet including vitamin and mineral supplements will help your God-given immune system ward off not only longterm damage from SARS-CoV-2 and the artificial spike protein, but from all the infectious agents we encounter daily.

Go to and for more information on how you can boost your immune system and to get your free supply of Vitamin D3 and zinc.

And join Eric with General Mike Flynn, Mike Lindell, Joe Flynn, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, Clay Clark, and other big-name speakers at Bardsfest 2021 on 26 August in St. Charles, MO. Tickets go on-sale tomorrow, 2 July exclusively on Ticketmaster.

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