Sunday, July 25, 2021

Ep51 – EXCLUSIVE! America’s Doctor Is In: Bryan Ardis Exposes Leading Cause of Chronic Disease!

Dr Bryan Ardis rejoins Brooke and Timbo on the MAGA Institute Podcast to discuss the surprising cause of most chronic diseases!

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Dr Ardis first highlights the four ways men and women can naturally eliminate toxins and infections from the body (sneezing/coughing, vomiting/diarrhea, urination, and sweating) and a fifth way that only women can use: menstruation.

He next describes the three types of infections that our immune system can fight: bacterial, viral, and fungal. He then goes on to explain that fever is simply our immune system’s God-given mechanism for killing infectious agents and details the best way to fight off such infections: plenty of fluids, sleep, Vitamin C, and laughter, as outlined by Norman Cousins in “Anatomy of an Illness.”


Dr Ardis then goes on to state that there is a fourth cause of disease that our immune system CAN’T fight off by itself–parasites–and that the majority (77%) of the chronic “auto-immune” disease states that he personally has treated (including eczema, endometriosis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Crohn’s/Colitis, multiple sclerosis, and more) are symptoms that are caused by the body ATTEMPTING to fight off the parasites. Dr Ardis concludes that if you kill the parasites, these “diseases” will resolve themselves.

Hookworms Are a Common Pet-transmitted Parasite

Dr Ardis describes the four classes of parasites (tapeworms, nematodes/roundworms, trematodes/flukes, and the most common type: protozoa) and how each of them causes various “auto-immune” diseases.

If you are experiencing chronic symptoms and have been told that you have an auto-immune disease, you might consider getting yourself tested for parasites. Dr Ardis recommends using Parasitology Center, Inc. because they test for all four classes of parasites, not just one or two. Go to and under Tests, select the Full GI Panel (comprehensive stool test + swab culture).

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  1. I saw you speak about your sister who was diagnosed with LUPUS, you were able to get her off her meds
    and lead a normal lupus free life. My niece was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis 5-7 years ago when
    she was in 11th grade. Is there a possible way to find other root causes and treatments, besides her regimen
    and infusions every couple of months? I would really appreciate if you could guide me through this.
    Thank you,
    Shoshana Aryeh


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