Friday, June 18, 2021

Godspeed, President Trump! America Will Be Back If The Biden-Harris Administration Doesn’t Get Us All Killed First


I understand why so many heartbroken conservatives boycotted the virtual inauguration this morning. But, I wanted to see exactly who would be there for future reference. So, I woke up early this morning and watched the inaugural which began a little before 6 a.m. Hawaii time. C-SPAN definitely caught on camera the usual suspects. Mike Pence was there. Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao were there. Kevin McCarthy was there. Even good old Ted Cruz who talked up a great storm caved in and attended. All three of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominees were there. Amy, Brett and Neil. But reliable Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito who had been mistreated and voted against by Joe Biden when he was Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman understandably had better things to do today. They didn’t really miss anything though because the whole event was just about as exciting as trying to watch the grass grow in January in Washington DC.

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But not everybody felt the same. Amy Klobuchar from the state that gave us the George Floyd riots looked like she was about to have a self-induced act of verbal auto-eroticism at the podium. But at least she dressed more reasonably than did Lady Gaga. And she spoke only English in comparison to Jennifer Lopez. After John Roberts and Joe Biden sleep-walked through the oath of office, our putative 46th president said a few totally forgettable words nothing like the inspiration of JFK which I personally watched on television with my 6th grade class in Sedalia, Missouri 60 years ago today.

Yes, I am actually old enough to remember when Democrats were not a total lost cause as they are today. I also remember when Republicans were not just Democrats with an [R] after their name. Harry Truman had been a haberdasher in Independence, Missouri, not far from where I was that day in 1961, who was not a rich man. Kennedy on the other hand was from a wealthy Massachusetts family but had been a World War II hero in the South Pacific. It’s rather hard to tell what distinction Biden has other than somehow surviving both Scranton and Wilmington.

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But, it’s only going to be a short while anyway because that weird old dude with Robinette as his middle name is only a placeholder for our 47th president who is much more the soup du jour, who somehow equates Jamaican ancestry and family from India with being an African-American. One of the reasons she didn’t win the primary for the Democrat nomination herself was that real African-Americans in California realize how they got a raw deal from her when she was that state’s Attorney General.

But I don’t want to digress too much on the background of our newly-inaugurated President and Vice President. What is a lot more important is what they are going to do with the awesome responsibilities they have now inherited.


I won’t dwell on this because it can be said very succinctly. For the last year, conservatives have all been totally manipulated by a plan-demic, orchestrated riots which were ignored by the U.S. Justice Department in the Deep State, election fraud which then-candidate Biden admitted in a Freudian slip during a debate, unconstitutional mail-in ballots and foreign intervention which was swept under the rug by the Deep State operatives in the intelligence community. All that was topped off by a false flag intrusion into the U.S. Capitol during the joint session of Congress on January 6th which has successfully diverted all attention toward malicious false accusations against President Trump.

Honestly, we could have survived all of that when you consider the overwhelming enthusiasm for Donald Trump who drew hundreds of thousands of people whereas Joe and Kamala could barely round up half a dozen at a time. However, what we didn’t anticipate was that every part of our government in all three branches would deliberately refuse to do their constitutional duties to follow the constitutional process. Finally, that was topped off with the military occupation and lockdown of our nation’s capital for this virtual inauguration, which accomplished two things.

First, it was meant as a message that the Democrats controlled the military even before the transfer of power and was intended to intimidate us from expressing peaceful and patriotic opposition. Second, it was an excuse for so few people being there for the inauguration. If they let everybody come freely, there would have been more supporting President Trump than there would have been who came to watch the circus sideshow on the Capitol steps. Remember, it’s all about optics. Truth and reality are irrelevant to the new regime. It’s perception that matters more to them than metaphysical facts.


Nobody I know is saying what we are being accused of saying. Patriotic Christians have never claimed that God would intervene to keep President Trump in office. I have written repeatedly that God can do anything but what He will actually do depends on His Sovereign Will and not on what we hope He will do. This time, He is giving us what we deserve rather than what we hoped for. Conservatives let ourselves be played as fools by Marxists, both foreign and domestic. Now we have to regroup and determine how to move forward from here.

I’ve been advised to go about this silently and with due stealth. But I prefer the commitment of Dietrich Bonhoeffer who stood up against Hitler and the Nazis. “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” This cost the German Pastor his life but he realized his ultimate accountability was to God and not to man.

I remember during the eight years of Obama’s evil reign when conservatives stood up against the onslaught on our traditional and family values. But somehow, when Donald Trump began reversing Obama’s betrayals, we quit standing together. It’s easy sometimes when you have a high-profile spokesman such as President Trump has been during his term in office. Republicans were so much at each other’s throats that they were unable to focus on the common foe.

We might as well admit it. Our enemies are much more adept at psychological warfare than we are. We’re more like the quarterback who makes a predictable pass on every play or the running back who insists on trying to go right up the middle every time. We seem to think that our cause is just and that that means it’s okay for the other team to know our signals and memorize our playbook. But that’s why they are able to cause so many fumbles and interceptions.


In plain language, we need to just quit trusting everybody that we think is on our side because many of them are not. Just look at the various members of the Administration, the Congress and the Supreme Court. We put them where they are, at least indirectly, and thought that they represented our values and would act accordingly to preserve them. We were just flat-out wrong about that. They are fallen human beings just as we all are. Since Adam and Eve partook of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, we as their descendants are responsible for our own actions and cannot blame them upon anyone else. Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the serpent. While accurate, each of us is still responsible for what we do or do not do. That’s what choice is really all about.

It’s going to be very difficult to reclaim our country which we have temporarily lost control of. All the forces of evil are arrayed against us. At this point in time, the GOP is beyond salvaging. Perhaps Donald Trump as a private citizen and ex-president will found a new conservative party. Perhaps he will also establish another conservative broadcast network and/or social media platform. He could even run again in 2024 unless the Congress unconstitutionally impeaches him after the expiration of his term to prevent precisely that.

But while we still love, respect, appreciate and thank Donald Trump for all he has done, we must not put all our eggs in one basket. We need to regroup and consider a third party because both Democrats and Republicans are on the same side with each other and against We the People. Even though we know the next elections will be rigged, we still need to have spokespersons with a larger public following who can help us get the word out. It’s difficult to come up with very many names at this early juncture.

Just as I have been saying here in Deep Blue Hawaii for several election cycles, we just don’t have any dependable conservative standard-bearers. Right now, I personally don’t really trust anybody inside the DC Beltway. But while Missouri’s Senior Senator Roy Blunt was there on the platform kissing Biden’s a**, the Show Me State, which gave us President Harry Truman, has Junior Senator Josh Hawley who is being persecuted and is having his civil rights violated because he has stood firm on conservative principles and his constitutional oath. We need other principled people such as Nikki Haley and Allen West to begin immediately helping prepare for our next national elections, including the midterms in 2022.


However, we have to deal immediately with pressing foreign threats. Enemies such as China, Iran and Russia are not only at our doorstep, they are already within our homeland. So is the specter of Sharia law which has co-opted Joe Biden as well as Hillary Clinton. POTUS 46 will definitely promote many Muslims in his administration who advocate criminalizing all criticism of Islam contrary to our 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This should come as no surprise as you already hear many of his nominees, including those recycled from the Obama-Biden era, who want to ostracize conservatives not only from government but completely from society. It isn’t paranoia when they really are out to get you.

Before I leave you with my previous article written shortly before our recent presidential election, regarding the threat posed by the Biden-Harris Administration to American national security, there is one other crucial factor to address right now.


The most serious problem with the man who just sat down officially at that big desk in the Oval Office for the first time today is that he does not think for himself or rely upon his own judgment. He is just a puppet for many ultra-leftists who put him there as the conduit through which all things flow to accomplish their nefarious purposes. He may or may not still be President for the State of the Union next month. But you can safely wager he won’t be there for the SOTU in 2022. It will be 47th President Kamala Harris who will tell you how she has managed to totally turn the American dream into an absolute nightmare.

Keep in mind that all of this is still being primarily engineered through the person and entourage of our 44th President Barack Obama, who just left his annual golfing vacation in Hawaii to help crown “King Joey the Temporary” for America and the world to see.


I admonish you to keep your eyes and ears open. Never give up your conservative principles. Keep your heart with the America which our Founders bestowed upon us. But, be circumspect and look beyond our borders. Beijing and Tehran are already beginning to taunt our new Commander-in-Chief.

As he grows increasingly feeble in mind and body, we are faced with a no-win situation. If he resigns or is removed under the 25th Amendment, then we get Kamala which was the Marxist intention all along. After her would come Nancy Pelosi. So the order of succession is not in our favor. The chances of a post-inauguration SCOTUS remedy are less than that of a snowball here in Honolulu.

So, please read this. It needs to get to decision-makers in this new administration, both civilian and military. I hope it doesn’t take another Pearl Harbor or 9/11 to get their attention. Prevention is always preferable to retaliation. But cozying up to the CCP or re-establishing the JCPOA would be an unmitigated disaster.

Then we will deal with being the patriotic opposition as events unfold. One step at a time.

This article was originally posted on NOQ Report

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