Sunday, July 25, 2021

If You Don’t Stop This Charade Soon, You’re Liable To Get Us All Killed!


Yes, I will grant you that this is forceful rhetoric, but perhaps it’s not strong enough to get your attention. Have you watched how the United States Commander-in-Chief is mentally deteriorating? Not one of you can honestly answer that in the negative. So, then what is your excuse for letting him continue in that role?

First, you have yourself totally to blame for putting him in that position in the first place when you knew he did not legally win the 2020 presidential election. Everybody in America and around the world saw hundreds of thousands of people turn out for Trump rallies while Biden and Harris neither one of them could even draw a half a dozen people at a time. Yet you claim they got 80 million votes and Trump got far less? You know we don’t believe those lies!

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But your culpability in stealing this election will be far less than if you allow an incompetent person to have control of America’s nuclear arsenal. I’m not saying anything that our enemies around the world don’t already know. They don’t even need counterintelligence or spies. All they have to do is watch YouTube and listen to Joe Biden stand there with his constant deer-in-the-headlights look.


I was 13 years old delivering the Santa Monica Evening Outlook on my bicycle back in 1962. Those blaring headlines every day were of John Kennedy, Nikita Khrushchev and missiles flowing into Castro’s Cuba aimed at the American Heartland. At Palms Junior High School, we were having drop drills where we had to dive underneath our desks to avoid flying glass if a bomb would have dropped. How that would have saved us from the nuclear fallout, your guess is as good as mine.

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America has never been good at publicly identifying the extent of our crises. Fortunately, President John F. Kennedy faced down the Russian dictator and that crisis was resolved without an apocalyptic event. There are probably still some silos built in people’s yards somewhere where they were preparing to spend years underground. What they thought would be there when they someday emerged, we don’t even want to think about.

But, today is different. We have just as serious a crisis facing us and nobody but nobody and I mean nobody is talking about it. Have you seen the headlines of any print publications or any dramatic warnings in social media that Iran is infiltrating armaments into Venezuela? Yes, there are some reports, but what I mean is do you see anything really getting the public attention about the magnitude of the situation? Iran is so confident that Biden will do nothing that they are openly boasting about their vessels crossing the Atlantic at this very moment.

Donald Trump and his military advisers already had a plan to deal with this. There is no indication that Biden even knows where he is at any given moment let alone where Iran’s nukes are. He completely overlooks or ignores D-Day. Then he blames conservative Christians for an Islamic terror attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando. This kind of political correctness can be fatal if it leads to a neglect of real national security issues.


In World War II, we understood that we have to win wars even if we weren’t the ones who started them. Since that time there has never been an official Congressional Declaration of War. There have been plenty of wars. None ended with a decisive victory like World War II did. But if we don’t know from whom we are defending ourselves nor have the willingness to call war what it is, they will continue to drag on inconclusively like this 20 years of attrition in Afghanistan. So many needless American lives lost in Vietnam and then in Afghanistan. But, when we face a real threat, we look the other way and hope it will magically disappear.

Iran has been turning Venezuela into a client state for their munitions for many years now. Certainly the United States Southern Command is fully aware of this, but do they have the support of The Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Secretary of Defense and their Commander-in-Chief?


Vladimir Putin after the G7 Summit, along with all the other world leaders who attended, must privately be thinking how pathetic is the President of the United States. No, let me rephrase that. They are thinking that the United States has become a pathetic shadow of her former self. Even Obama’s pandering wasn’t such a pathetic display as is Joe Biden withering away.

If anything is constraining China or North Korea or any other nuclear-armed enemy from attacking us, it is obviously that while they know Biden is not competent for the role he now holds, they don’t know what is going on behind the scenes in the American government. Who is the real power in Washington DC today? The problem is, the American public also doesn’t have the answer to that conundrum.


Is anybody else out there old enough to remember that tragic day when President Ronald Reagan was shot? When U.S. Secretary of State Alexander Haig tried to reassure America not to worry because he had everything under control, that was 100% unconstitutional. The Vice President, Speaker of the House and Senate Pro Tempore are ahead of him in line of succession.

However, it demonstrated that in a time of crisis, things don’t always go as planned.

“In 1981, following the March 30 assassination attempt on Reagan, Haig asserted before reporters, ‘I am in control here’ as a result of Reagan’s hospitalization, indicating that, while President Reagan had not ‘transfer[red] the helm,’ Haig was in fact directing White House crisis management until Vice President George Bush arrived in Washington to assume that role.”

I have never heard anybody really theorize about this before, but what if the Soviet Union had launched a nuke at that very moment? Only Reagan should have had the codes to retaliate.

Or, let’s consider another example. On that dark day in 1963 when JFK was assassinated in Dallas, what if a nuclear weapon had been launched before LBJ could be sworn in as his successor?

In fact, let’s bring it a lot closer to home and up-to-date. On January 20, 2021, Donald Trump declined to attend the inauguration of Joe Biden. Normal protocol would be for an outgoing president to hand the so-called football to his successor in person. Reports are that Trump’s launch codes were deactivated at exactly 12:00 noon Eastern Standard Time as Biden’s codes were activated simultaneously.

For whatever reason, Biden actually took the Oath of Office holding his hand on the Bible and was sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts at 11:48 a.m. that day. That is 12 minutes of limbo, putting it mildly. There would have been no time to think about whether the oath was the determining factor or whether the clock ticking noon was the factor that officially transferred power from our 45th President to our 46th President.

A nuclear missile launched over the Arctic Circle would not wait for American military leaders to decide which of these two men was authorized to make that decision. In reality, if Trump’s codes were deactivated at exactly noon, the real nightmare scenario would have been whether a decision was made before or after that point and by whom? Whether Trump made the decision or whether it was Biden, it would have been Biden to deal with the consequences.

Nancy Pelosi reportedly tried to persuade the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to relieve President Trump unconstitutionally of those codes prior to Inauguration Day in total contravention of the U.S. Constitution. He of course refused because this type of urgent matter is beyond all political considerations.


One hopes that the United States military brass have thought of these things and discussed them in depth. If considerations of such events occur to a nobody like me, they certainly have to dwell in the minds of our military experts whom we depend upon to safeguard us in time of actual War. What would Alexander Haig have done if something happened before Vice President George HW Bush was in place to make decisions? What would LBJ have done before he was sworn in on Air Force One? What would have happened during that time lapse less than five months ago?

These are historical considerations but they are not moot just because nothing actually transpired. They should be learning experiences so that we are prepared in case something does actually happen in the future.

If this matter is not resolved and Iran is allowed to put nuclear weapons into Venezuela and they are launched at Miami as the near target or beyond, with Joe Biden not being in his right mind, what happens then?


I can’t think of anything more important for the 535 men and women on Capitol Hill to attend to with a sense of urgency. It is a two-sided coin. What if a retaliation is needed but the Commander-in-Chief is unable to order one. Just as seriously, what if an American nuclear launch is inappropriate, but an incompetent and feebleminded Commander-in-Chief makes that irreversible and irrevocable decision that could destroy the world?

“Follow the Constitution, obey the commander-in-chief, destroy the world.”


After spending about two and a half months reading each and every one of the 85 Federalist Papers by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay, and writing extensively about them, followed by reviewing each of the 27 Constitutional Amendments, I am persuaded that those who designed our Constitution understood that nothing on parchment will limit the options in matters of life, death and immediacy. They certainly had no anticipation of nuclear weapons, though they did actually presage that even the atom was potentially divisible. But, they candidly admitted that they could not anticipate every potential contingency, that our leaders would act with self-preservation and the safety of our nation as the bottom line.

We’ve already seen on January 6th, all three branches of the American government did not abide by their constitutional oath. But the consequences of the scenario we’re talking about here are even more serious than having the wrong man in office at the wrong time. Of course, the two are related, because if we didn’t have the wrong man in office at the wrong time, it wouldn’t be such an urgency in considering the consequences of this current scenario.


Usually I say “we” in reference to the American public, but this time I am going to use the second person pronoun “you”. This is not in my hands or the hands of the general American public at this point. All I can do is to frame the issues and hope those of you who are in positions to react are thinking about it now and will have time to respond accordingly in time of actual attack.

Plainly stated, if America were the target of a nuclear attack and President / Commander-in-Chief Joe Biden were not competent to perform his constitutional duties, what then?


This is where you and I and the American public do have an urgent constitutional role to play. Contact your Senators and Representatives immediately. Make your input to all members of President Biden’s Cabinet. Don’t wait until the above scenario actually occurs.

Going back to my original intention, you Democrats have got to quit having this orgasmic response to your regained power. You don’t trust Harris any more than you do Biden to make these kinds of life-or-death decisions. Prevail on her to resign. Get someone more competent nominated and confirmed as new VP. Then if you cannot likewise convince the vegetable in the Oval Office to do likewise, use the 25th Amendment.


These issues are certainly already being discussed behind closed doors in Beijing, Pyongyang, Moscow, Caracas and Tehran. If you keep promoting gay pride month to the exclusion of national survival, even if there is nobody left to provide a historical record of your dereliction of duty that caused a nuclear World War III, consider that you have just destroyed the world and the future for your own children and grandchildren.

End this myopic charade now!

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