MAGA INSTITUTE PODCAST, Ep21 – Florida Grassroots Activist Jeffrey Antous On How You Can Effect Change In Where You Live 30apr21

Brooke and Timbo interview Florida grassroots activist Jeffrey Antous, who created the nation’s largest, most effective volunteer campaign organization in the nation by getting angry and getting busy creating solutions.

This is how we win: by rolling up our sleeves and getting involved, not by throwing up our hands in frustration and refusing to participate in the public square.

Jeff made it happen in his county by getting maps from the Board of Elections , organizing volunteers to campaign, and giving them an opportunity to be the change that was needed. Dig in patriots! We can all do this if we lock arms and fight back together!

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  1. Cindee Becker
    30 April 2021 @ 20:59

    I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff at CPAC last year with Timothy and spent a few hours with him. He is an incredible individual who is a wealth of knowledge and also has a great sense of humor. He is also very easy to speak with so if you have any questions please do email him. You will be glad you did!


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