Friday, June 18, 2021

MAGA INSTITUTE PODCAST, Ep25 – His Glory Ministry Pastor Dave Scarlett Fights Fear With Faith! 13may21

Brooke and Timbo interview Pastor Dave Scarlett, Founder of His Glory Ministries, who fights fear with faith. Pastor Dave is a Marine who served his country, then served on Fortune 100 corporate boards before a near-death experience changed his path. A great patriot, Pastor Dave stands up for freedom and for the LORD, boldly fighting the secular forces trying to make Christians and Christian churches live in fear.

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This is how we win: by saying “NO!” to oppressive government agents who want us to quake and cower in fear and to comply with their absurd, irrational, anti-science dictates. Pastor Dave hasn’t thrown up his hands, he’s rolled up his sleeves and is setting an example for all of us to follow.

You can check out His Glory Ministries at to learn more, to donate directly to support their operations, or just to leave a kind word of support.

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  1. Another tremendous podcast! It was very encouraging hearing about the remnant church in both the Protestant and the Catholic faiths. Also a consistent message about the importance of getting involved in the primaries. Thanks Brooke and Timothy for all you do!


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