Sunday, July 25, 2021

The Most Prolific Serial Killer In American History: Anthony Fauci


Mass murder. Terrorism. Homicide. Suicide. Economic depression. Businesses shuttered en masse. Employment malaise. Education suffering. Children masked. Neighborhood Stasi. Vaccination shame. Skyrocketing inflation. Churches aren’t essential. Perpetual social media jail. Big Tech censoring. Small businesses nuked. Box store and online retail explosion. Deplatforming Truth Tellers. What Constitution?

I can’t decide where I want to start this diatribe, so I’ll just shotgun-blast it out in the same way we were all blasted last year beginning in March. And. Even To. This. Day. June 2, 2021.

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We endured hit after hit after hit, like earthquake aftershocks. First, everything MUST close down for 15 days to slow the spread. A LIE. Then, three weeks to flatten the curve. A LIE. Then, mask up to protect others. A LIE. Then, stay home to save lives. A LIE. Don’t hug or see grandma to save her life. A LIE. You are an asymptomatic carrier! A LIE. Now, we must get 70% of Americans vaccinated to return to normal. A LIE.

Painful Memories

The elderly were among the most brutally damaged in this international crimewave. The nursing home residents with their wheelchairs at the doorway, hoping just to see other people. The plastic encasing their family members, if they were even allowed inside any nursing home or hospital. The countless numbers who couldn’t see their loved ones before they passed. Makes me want to vomit as I sit here and recall all the EVIL things we endured. WILLINGLY- as a people. I say willingly because we didn’t exactly rise up en masse and put any kind of organized stop to it.

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The memories of what I witnessed this past year are almost unbelievable…

The little elderly lady who was looking at the ocean on the beach in Kauai…and received a $5,000 ticket because she was SITTING on her walker. The order (for those five minutes, as the goal posts were constantly moving) allowed for outdoor exercising only. Sitting at the beach became a violation by diktat.

Sitting In A Chair On the Beach Was A Crime

My husband and I often went swimming in the ocean. Heaven forbid we simply wade. The DLNR (Department of Land and Natural Resources) used their brand-new, COVID-stimulus-paid waverunners to make sure you were actually swimming and not just wading. Wading was a violation.

There was even a paid advertising campaign that ordered the plebes to “Keep Your Peach Off the Beach!”

The beach patrol of the Honolulu Police Department likewise terrorized beachgoers on their brand-new, COVID-stimulus-paid four-wheelers. Their life-saving mission was to verify that your okole (Hawaiian for butt!) wasn’t actually on the sand. There was even a paid advertising campaign that ordered the plebes to “Keep Your Peach Off the Beach!” I’M NOT EXAGGERATING. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Federally-funded Weaponization of Police

It’s abhorrent. Look at the billions of dollars offered to states, counties, and municipalities during this charade. To the count of trillions of US Dollars. Our dollars. Our children’s and their children’s and their children’s dollars.

Non-compliance Was Not Rewarded

Not everyone capitulated. Many of us sued the powers-that-be, as I did. (But to no avail when courts are riddled with corrupt globalists, as well.) My ReOpen Hawaii partner, Jason Jones, was arrested at our first protest at the Hawai’i State Capitol on May 1, 2020. Many others were ticketed for “public bio-hazard.” Yeah, that was a thing. A misdemeanor for being outdoors at the State Capitol protesting ILLEGAL, ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL ORDERS by the Governor and the then-Mayor of Honolulu.

Not Complying Was A Crime

The Worm Has Turned

But there’s a new day and the light of Truth is shining…


His email leaks are golden. And they don’t surprise those of us who have known the Truth all along.

Senator Rand Paul has been relentless in his quest to have Fauci answer for his crimes against humanity. And the wheels finally came off the CoronaCon with the email release.

Think about this. Anthony Fauci was accused early-on by Judy Mikovits as being a mad scientist. The first time I heard of his prior dastardly deeds was when she told her story about how Fauci’s lies destroyed her career and improperly landed her in jail. That Truth was a tough pill for most people to swallow in the beginning. After all, he was standing with President Trump daily on the press room dais. Naturally, Judy had to be deplatformed and labeled a kook.

She wasn’t the only one. President Trump and Fauci didn’t agree on the treatment for COVID-19 (And there was one!). Early in the Scamdemic, President Trump suggested early treatment with HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE (HCQ) could be effective, only to be denigrated and maligned by the WHO, FDA, CDC, and Fauci himself using fraudulent and fake findings published in the Lancet, a renowned medical journal. Or it used to be renowned, before it had to retract its lies about HCQ. But the damage was already done.

Half a million or more American lives could have been saved if only the media and the global medical community weren’t out to get President Trump.

If President Trump’s and the Frontline Doctors’ suggestions to treat COVID-19 early with HCQ, Ivermectin, or nebulized budesonide had just been accepted by the legacy media as good science and responsible medicine, half a million American lives could have been saved. 

That’s worth repeating.

Half a million or more American lives could have been saved if only the media and the global medical community weren’t out to get President Trump. Or to kill us. 

At the time of this writing, 560,000+ lives have been claimed to have been lost due to COVID-19. That is just one of the reasons the so-called “vaccine” is being pushed on you, to the point of shaming you if you think it might not be as deadly a virus as they assert. Or if you just think, “Hmmm, maybe I’ll wait a little longer given that these are clearly experimental trials, which no one can deny.” No one except the corrupt and deadly media, who have dollar signs coming from Big Pharma dancing in their craniums. 

These Have Been Crimes Against Humanity

All of this is a crime of the highest degree. From the creation of the bioweapon known as SARS-CoV-2 to the fake and dangerous “vaccines” touted by almost everyone as “safe and effective.” What is safe and effective about 4400+ American deaths and 200,000+ adverse reactions per VAERS, the CDC’s own vaccine adverse effects reporting system? I haven’t even mentioned the adverse reaction count in Europe. It far exceeds ours.

Crimes against all of humanity. But who will pay for it? Will there ever be justice?

Euthanasia is their sacrament; the jab is their latest Eucharist.

To say that Fauci and company should be STRUNG UP is not hyperbole. 560,000+ dead Americans. Millions worldwide. All for Fauci’s gain-of-function research and subsequent “vaccine”….

You’ve heard follow the money, yes? It always leads to the culprit. Create a crisis only to solve the crisis. That’s precisely what we have here. A mad scientist looking for a way to make billions. His friend Bill Gates already eagerly told us, “The vaccine industry has a twenty-to-one ROI.” So why not, right?

Fauci is closely tied to Moderna. Moderna has NEVER BROUGHT A VACCINE TO MARKET. Read that again: Never. And now we’re supposed to believe that a technology that has never been approved in thirty years is suddenly, magically “safe and effective”? Seriously?

All of Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Government are to blame for the dead. And they want millions more dead too. Euthanasia is their sacrament; the jab is their latest Eucharist.

Save Yourselves, Your Family, and Your Posterity

Please avoid it at all costs. 

Fauci and company are dangerous serial killers. And should be treated as such. I said that today on the ridiculous social media platform that we just can’t seem to quit. And it got me another 30-day ban.

I’ll say it here, again and again:


Dr. Fauci is Dr. Frankenstein and worse, Dr. Mengele.

Don’t get the jab. Take your Vitamin B-complex. Take your 10,000 mg Vitamin C. Take your 250 mcg Vitamin D3. Take your 500mg Magnesium. Take your 200mcg Selenium. Take your 50 mg Zinc.

And let’s survive this mad, dystopic, alternate reality together.

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    • What they did was also a felony: Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law. 18 U.S. Code Sec. 242. They need to be held accountable. The Nuremburg defense will not fly.

  1. I don’t believe these cops should be walking around right now. They are no better than the Gestapo and should suffer the same fate. They made their choice to violate the Constitution and now should suffer the consequences of their treasonist ways. All of them.

  2. You forgot the 100,000 people he killed during the AIDS vaccine trial in the 80’s. I think the drug was called AZT.

  3. I’m all for having Fauci strung up to the nearest lamp post as was Benito Mussolini when the Italians had had enough of his being in bed with the German Third Reich. Either that or let us have him so we can cut his head off and post it on a stick for all to see that we Americans will not stand for his kind of tyranny.

    Then, and then have our military perform a coup against the Biden Administration for stealing the election, and then taking him along with his cabinet and courtiers down to Guantanamo for the rest of their lives.

    • no Gitmo for them. Simply strip them naked, while alive and drop them in a pen of hungry hogs. Everything will be consumed, flesh, hair, nails and bones. No use spending good money keeping them alive. Video and post on other outlets not youtube to show what happens to maggots such as this. This includes all politicians against the Constitution, and all employees in the new media who contributed from the “reporters” to back stage hands. When they are gone, they will NOT be missed.

    • No,give him a chance to make restitution by naming all those who were complicit in this matter,Fauci is the front man not the hub.They, all scientists politicians ,doctors have to have their day at the Hague.Don’t murder them,as they are trying to do to us,this matter goes far deeper,possibly into”living forever” schemes.
      Take every penny from those who made money out of the pandemic and give them menial jobs at rates they would never have thought possible.Close down big pharma and nationalise it for the benefit of a new health scheme.
      USA–you have the chance now to do things RIGHT.Don’t muck it up.
      The people outing this should be in contact with the army because without it these jabs will continue to work for the bad guys.

  4. The author comes soooooo close but yet cannot utter the real crime — Genocide. Not just against Americans but the whole world, millions. In a prior history not so far removed, when Genocide reared its head, we dealt with it. Not with a slap on a wrist and a pension, we hung the SOBs. We tracked them down for 30 years and brought death or jail to them.

    We as a society should do no less now. If this goes unanswered in the most unequivocal way then it will be open season to open Pandora’s Box.

  5. What disturbs me is not just Fauci’s lies, but that literally EVERYONE–in the medical community, the media, the local and federal governments, the DOJ and law enforcement, EVERYONE–went along with his changing, flip-flopping, idiotic orders. One man can be identified as a lying, ignorant crackpot and be ignored. Why was he NOT ignored? Why was there such a monolithic, worldwide, universal crushing of personal freedoms? It looks like the infrastructure for our New World Order government is already in place and will utilize public health as the excuse for demanding our obedience, and will be the reason we must give up our freedoms . . .

  6. Why would so many different kinds of people that are diametrically opposed in every other way follow the same mad plan? This is an oddity in world history and there is NO other example of such mass hysteria that can be seen in our long and sordid history on this planet. Some might say that an unknown power has control over all the evil people and has moved them in unison like so many marionettes.

    I wonder if any ancient tome may have predicted such an unprecedented world event.

  7. I LOVE YOUR REPORTING!!!! You have literally ECHOED what I have been saying All Along..#Plandemic #ScamDemic #ControltheSHEEP…all things point to the Vaccine $$$$$$- Create a “problem” & “solve: the problem (with an experimental bio-chemical POISON- I know 4 dead post-Vax, one blood clot blind in one eye, one heart attack, one 7-month miscarried baby ALL within hours to days of VAX) takeover of your FREEDOMS, Big Tech putting humanity in a data base to track you, like forever, Big Pharma-ChaCHING, a Globalists Dream come true!!!! I PRAY “Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light”..George Washington

  8. Fauci HID data on Autism as well! Robert Kennedy Jr. is GOING AFTER HIM!!!!!
    “They hid the VSD study, closed the database to independent scientists and commissioned a sketchy cabal of tobacco scientists, grifters, felons and Pharma biostitutes to gin up dozens of fraudulent vaccine studies purporting to “prove that vaccines don’t cause autism.” They blocked studies of all vaccines given to children under six months. Tony Fauci played a key role in the cover up. Fauci distributes $5 billion annually in research grants and assured that studies of autism’s environmental causes never get funded. When in 2008 NIH’s Autism Coordinating Committee voted $16 million to study the links between autism and vaccines, Tom Insel killed those studies. Fauci and Insel have committed some of the most consequential criminal conspiracies in history. Children’s Health Defense will bring these criminals to justice.”


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