Sunday, July 25, 2021

Time to name it for what it really is: “LUNACY!”

We keep wondering when the charade will end…and each week it continues.   I recall these same feelings during the Obama years. We were in the constant twilight zone and scratched our heads about nearly every policy that was implemented. “Is this real life?”  

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For the thirteenth month now, we are still subjected to one little rat weasel, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has oscillated from “don’t wear masks, they do no good” to “now let’s wear two-three masks, even after your vaccine!”   Everyone with any amount of common sense remains befuddled, while the COVID diehards remain disdainful of anyone asking questions that shatter their delusions. And let’s face it, this is alllllllll a delusion. (Research Event 201 for more on that!)  

It’s beyond time to call this craziness out. Most normal folks, like my family and me, aren’t mask wearers. We see this maskerade for what it really is. And we do not comply.   We recently moved to the less-tyrannical state of North Carolina. And while there remains some sort of tyrannical, governor-mandated mask wearing, it’s rare to see others wearing them in my small-town-America neighborhood.   Not true in big cities or where we just moved from, though. Last Fall we escaped the tyrannical, Commiecrat, soon-to-be-the-CCP-State of Hawaii. Where not only did I sue our Governor (to no avail, as leftist judges rule there, of course), but along with a few friends also launched Re-open Hawaii weekly protests at the state capitol in Honolulu, where we hit the wall of the Karenesque Stasi brigade en masse.  

My friend and filmmaker Jason Jones was arrested on May 1, 2020 when the Honolulu Police Department flanked us all in a cordon-type maneuver. Others were arrested and many were cited that day. I escaped any ticketing by telling the approaching officer that he wasn’t social distancing every time he came into my space. Also, after years of protests/rallies under my belt, I don’t carry my identification on me. Not my first rodeo. I probably got lucky with that particular officer, as many of my friends and other protestors did not fare as well.  

Sadly, this last weekend at Kapiolani Park in Honolulu, where freedom fighters hosted an outdoor health freedom rally with Del Bigtree, Sheriff Richard Mack, Nurse Erin, and others, two attendees were arrested for breaking “the social distancing rules” and one woman was taken to the ground during her apprehension, while her small children watched in horror. These charges are usually dropped, but that doesn’t stop the HPD from causing such unnecessary–and mostly unconstitutional–oath-breaking scenes.  

So, tyranny continues in many cities and states. Tyranny demanding control over every action, even down to your very breath. All based on lunacy. Sheer lunacy.   Senator Rand Paul calls it “theater”… Rat Fauci simply scoffs at him, and carries on his merry, nutty way.   It’s become some kind of outlandish, other-world religion and it’s baffling to witness.   Still, I call it lunacy. And I’m not going to be dragged into their psychosis without a fight. And I’m one of many millions.  

Brooke McGowan is a Co-founder of MAGA Institute. Follow them @MAGA_Institute on Instagram and Twitter.

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