Friday, June 18, 2021

Who We Are As Americans


Originally, I thought about going into detail about how our country has arrived at this point. Considering how our Founders belief in and reliance upon Divine Guidance formed the Republic which they bequeathed upon us. How in the early 19th century Alexis de Tocqueville, French aristocrat, diplomat, political scientist, political philosopher and historian, came to America and found a country of vigorous, decent people, who cherished their liberties. How despite our differences for nearly two and a half centuries, Americans have always stood together in common cause with one another to preserve our freedoms and our right to choose how we will live without coercion.

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I planned to look more closely at what happened in 2020 when things changed virtually overnight in the psyche of my fellow countrymen. But, then I realized that what we are facing today is a symptom rather than the cause of our suffering. While it is urgent to learn who pulls the puppet strings of Joe Biden, an even more pressing concern is how so many of my fellow Americans have acquiesced and surrendered their rights without a fight.

What we are experiencing now is not a political phenomenon. It is a spiritual attack upon the very soul of these United States of America. It was not engineered by Joe Biden or the Democrat Party. The primary culprit is not even the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing. It is Lucifer, the Father of Lies, who is behind this attack upon our values.


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The belief in or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others.


The ethical theory that pleasure (in the sense of the satisfaction of desires) is the highest good and proper aim of human life.


I’m not going to be tempted to go into a comparison of world religions at this point. Rather, I want you to look at persons who have influenced your own life. I don’t just mean those in positions of power who have created the infrastructure or environment for a prosperous society. I refer you rather to those people who have deeply impacted your own life and helped determine who you are today.

In many cases, it is a mother or father, brother or sister, aunt or uncle or other close relative. For many of us also, there is at least one very special teacher who greatly influenced our understanding of what life is all about and set us on the right path to a happy and victorious life.

I’m not going to name the individuals in my own life because I want you to look rather at your own. When you have those blessed dreams about a loved one who has left this mortal sphere and then you wake up to realize that they are no longer here, who is that? I seriously doubt that any of you have those types of dreams about any elected politician. They are not the ones who touch our lives in an up-close-and-personal way.

In my case, it is a very special aunt who died in 1963 just before my 15th birthday whom I still remember for making me feel valued. Then, it is a high school teacher who, even though I disagreed with much of his own political views, helped me understand the necessity of learning to think for myself, and never to submit to the tyranny of groupthink.

I have lived during the era of 14 Presidents of the United States from Truman to Biden. Some were certainly a lot better than others. But I do not credit any single one of them or any combination of them for determining my self development as a unique individual. Nor, in all due respect should you.


Without becoming overly philosophical there are many components that go into determining our identity and self-esteem. We had made great progress in not using skin color or ethnicity as a dividing factor until Barack Obama exploited that issue. His protégé Joe Biden continues in that downward trajectory. There is good reason to believe that Barry Soetoro is still behind events in our country today and that we are actually in his third term in the Oval Office under the auspices of a very weak surrogate. But, I won’t dwell on that now.

I mention people in our own personal circle who have influenced our lives. But there are also public figures whom we have never met that are examples of positive precepts upon which we choose to live our lives. Stop for a minute and think who those individuals are in your own case.

I will just stick to those in the modern era, modern meaning during my own lifetime or whose influence was still felt. There are not a lot of names that come to mind honestly. Perhaps most today have never even heard of Will Rogers, the Cherokee Cowboy from Oklahoma who was the conscience of the United States Congress nearly a century ago. But, I grew up reading books about him and other historic figures in grade school. Then there was the inimitable Winston Churchill who taught his fellow countrymen and the world the principle that when you are in the right, you must never, never, never give in.

Just in terms of total selflessness, most today hopefully still remember the humility and service of Mother Teresa. I’m old enough to remember that when John Kennedy ran for president, his Catholicism was a major campaign issue. I never heard it brought up even once during the recent campaign that Joe Biden is only our second Catholic President. But I can tell you this. Joe Biden is neither John Kennedy nor Mother Teresa, their Roman Catholicism notwithstanding.

So it is not race or ethnicity or religion that primarily determines the contribution or lack thereof that we make to humankind. A commitment to the sanctity of life from conception to birth to life to death far outweighs what we look like or what we call ourselves.


It’s easy for me to write about geo-political realities such as the military threats America faces now from China in the Indo-Pacific and from Iran in the Middle East. Both my education and career in federal law enforcement are conducive to those concepts being second nature at this stage of my life. What is not so intuitive is to comprehend that the biggest threats we face are not military or political. They are spiritual and none of us is exempt or immune.

Rather I ask each and every one of you reading this to pause for just a moment and ask yourself what really matters to you in life. It has been said that success is always defined as just a little bit more than what we now possess. Therefore, it is an unattainable goal.

More importantly, who are the people in your life that you treasure most? What are you doing to nurture that relationship? Remembering those who influenced you in the past, stop and think about what others will remember about you in the future even after you are gone. Does that matter?

Ambition is not necessarily a bad thing. We should all strive to improve and not to stagnate. But when money or power or material gain become the goal, personal relationships fall by the wayside. Divorce. Drug abuse. Sexual perversion. Sometimes even suicide. How many wealthy celebrities and public personalities have you seen who met a tragic demise?

It is not money that is the root of all evil, rather it is the love of money. Money takes many forms. Most of us don’t use cash or currency much these days because it’s easier to use a little piece of plastic or conduct payments electronically. But the concept is the same. There is no pleasure in poverty. But neither is wealth alone the road to happiness. Minus a spiritual component, mere existence is meaningless.

That’s why it was so ironic since the beginning of this health crisis that such an effort is being made to keep people ostensibly alive, when in reality they are basically just existing as those elements that make life worthwhile have all been taken away and proscribed supposedly in their own self-interest by those who purportedly know better what’s good for us than we know for ourselves. It is absolutely heartbreaking when an elderly spouse or parent dies in a hospital while their loved ones are prohibited from visiting them and in some cases even from speaking to them on the phone. While we all want to minimize the risk of contracting disease ourselves, abandoning those who mean most to us is not a viable alternative.


Caring for one another is the element that America has lost that has transformed our culture into an empty shell of its former self. There are good people in every country on Earth. Neither race nor nationality nor culture is the determining factor in whether an individual is a decent human being or not. Some religions and some ideologies are more conducive to empathy than others. But within each social construct, there are some who will make the best of a bad situation and some who will exploit a good situation for personal expediency. So, it all comes down to what is within each of our hearts. Not where we live, not what we look like, not how we identify ourselves, but how we put our love for others into action.


We were fortunate during the term of President Donald Trump to have an advocate for the sanctity of life from conception. We were also blessed with a renewal of patriotism and respect for our mutual heritage as a free people despite our political differences. Now, we see a regression to the self-loathing policies that plagued our country during the 8-year incumbency of our 44th president now re-imposed under our 46th. We just need to remember that it is not the man or woman in the White House that determines who we are.

As the current administration misidentifies conservative patriots as a threat rather than the Marxists and Jihadis who seek to destroy America, just look in the mirror and know that you have not changed. Nobody in government has the right to tell you who you are or what to think. That is the tyranny that led to the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

I cannot predict what the next four years will hold. The biggest danger is that those who now control the reins of our government believe they have the right to impose their templates upon all of us. But, be assured that they have no such right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. That’s why they ignored its provisions to get into power in the first place.


The way ahead politically right now is extremely gloomy. Do we revitalize the Republican Party or do we try to found a new conservative party for those of us who have been disenfranchised by the entire establishment? Those questions will be answered in due time. The existential urgency of the moment is that we not allow ourselves to be distracted. Either a good government or a bad government can affect our lives for better or for worse. But how we react to it is more important than what they do.

I suggest in the future when we consider candidates, that we not only look at their political platforms, but that we look at them in terms of whether or not they are a decent human being. How many people do you see in Washington DC, in your state capitol or in your city hall that fit into that category?

But most importantly, is the person you see in your bathroom mirror one that embodies and radiates decency? If the answer is yes, you will survive. If the answer is no, then it is not the government that is your biggest problem.

This article was originally posted on NOQ Report

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