Friday, June 18, 2021

You Say You Want Unity? Okay, Here Are Our Terms

For five years, you called us toothless, smelly deplorables. You said we were stupid. You said we were uneducated. You said we were irredeemable. You have condescended to us nightly on state media networks and on the regular on social media networks. 

You psychologically projected Democrat politician crimes onto President Trump like you invented the technique. (Hate to break it to you, but we read Marx and Alinsky too!) And your hypocrisy has only been exceeded by your hubris.

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Hillary Clinton literally colluded with the Russians and then commissioned a false, fake, phony “dossier” to allege that it was President Trump who was in bed with Putin. Resident Obama and his henchmen weaponized the FBI and the Department of Justice to spy on Citizen Trump’s campaign, President-elect Trump’s transition, and President Trump after the Inauguration. 

Then you snookered (or did you blackmail?) the unbelievably naïve Jeff Sessions into recusing himself from investigating those bogus allegations and then immediately dragged a doddering former FBI Director away from his pudding cup to “lead” a crack investigation that wasted $41MM in taxpayer money and employed only Democrat thugs who have made a career out of suppressing exculpatory evidence and who should have been disbarred years before. (I\’m looking at YOU, Andrew Weissmann!)

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Then, after the Russia Hoax blew up in your faces, President Trump figured out (because Brain Surgeon Biden bragged about it on video) that Creepy, Sleepy Joe had sold his office to the highest bidder and extorted Ukraine in the bargain. So you you fell faint and clutched your pearls, claiming that asking Ukraine to investigate the Biden Crime Family was an impeachable offense.

THEN, despite there being no basis in law or fact to do so, you actually impeached the President (which was only possible because, we now strongly suspect, you cheated in the midterms to regain the House). Whereupon you got your asses handed to you in the Senate after being able to convince only three-quarters-a-Democrat Romney to vote with you, and on only half of the articles of impeachment at that.

(Mind you, all through these shenanigans your state media lackeys continually deceived your mindless, mouth-breathing minions and tried to gaslight the rest of us, who saw with crystal clarity what you were up to.)

You finally woke up and realized that nothing you had done over the preceding four years had succeeded (except stealing those House seats in the midterms) and that there was no way possible for you to win a fair, honest election. You were looking down the barrel of a landslide that might only have been surpassed by the Reagan \’84 rout. So, you adopted a two-prong strategy.

First, you and your globalist pals around the planet weaponized a mild-to moderate respiratory virus to begin your “Great Reset.” After calling the President a xenophobe for shutting down travel from China in late January and urging the public to attend crowded Chinatown celebrations in cities from coast to coast in February, you then started pushing the lie that \”the President did nothing\” and that only YOU could save America from DA ‘RONA! by locking down (a prison term) Americans and teaming up with your Republicuck fellow-traveling totalitarians to play the world’s biggest game of Simon Sez ever.

Second, you implemented Operation Many Arrows to steal the election. You filed literally hundreds of lawsuits nationwide to get courts to violate state election laws and order (1) the mass-mailing of absentee ballots, which were then illegally “harvested” (2) the use of “drop boxes” that did not timestamp ballots (this is where you injected most of the illegally harvested ballots into the system), and (3) unconstitutional extensions of time for votes to be received. \n

Knowing this wasn’t enough to stem the tidal wave of Trump votes, you also conspired with/bribed governors, secretaries of state, and election officials from the state-level down to the precincts to use voting machines that incorporated software developed by socialist scumbags in Venezuela who didn’t want to lose another election.

Then you got sloppy. By 9pm on Election Night, you realized that all your Machiavellian machinations weren\’t going to be enough to haul Joe’s sorry arse over the finish line. So, you had the counting halted. In only five states.

And then, mirable dictu! Suddenly hundreds of thousands of ballots magically appeared at 3am! And they were ALL for Joe! “BOOYAH!” you crowed. “Joe got 80MM votes!” you lied. And state media foisted your falsehoods onto a gullible public.

Your latest seditious conspiracy had only two flaws. First, you told those two senile septuagenarians, Nancy and Joe, what you were planning. One crowed that you had “many arrows in your quiver” and the other told the world that you had built “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”  Your slips are showing, Mr. and Mrs. Freud.

Second,  you once again underestimated President Trump, his team, and his movement. Not only were we all on the qui vive for your chicanery, many hundreds of good and decent registered Democrats have put country ahead of party and blown the whistle on your electoral felonies. What a world! What a world! Who would have thought smelly little deplorables like us could destroy your beautiful wickedness?

And NOW you want unity? After telling us to just shut up and accept that you stole the election fair and square? Okay, here are our terms:

  1. Joe Biden must concede the election.
  2. Everyone guilty of involvement in the attempted theft of any federal office election–President, Senator, or Representative–from Joe and Kamala right down to the lowliest precinct captain needs to surrender themselves to the U.S. Marshalls and save the public the time and trouble of trials. Plead guilty to your felonies and take your lumps.
  3. Every state media lackey who pushed propaganda for the past five years needs to resign and never work in media or politics again. Let them get honest work. I hear that coding is good to learn.
  4. Everyone who carried the Democrat Party’s water on social media needs to make a heartfelt, genuine apology to all of us they libeled and spewed hate upon for supporting the man who was bringing all of this corruption to light. (“I’m sorry if you were offended” isn’t an apology. We will be the sole arbiters of whether your apology is heartfelt and genuine.)
  5. Everyone who ended friendships and severed family ties needs to make amends and attempt to rebuild those relationships. But despite that fact that we are a forgiving lot, you need to recognize that some of you were so vile and vituperative that the damage you did might be irreparable.

Agree to these terms and abide by them and we will consider unifying with you. But only after you pledge allegiance to the flag and to the Republic for which it stands. And agree that we are one nation, under God, and seek with us both liberty and justice for ALL!

P.s., Get in the habit of calling him “President Trump.” Despite your best efforts, he’ll be in office another four years and will forever be known to history by that title.

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  1. An admirable editorial.
    With the exception that you need a better proof reader, (“Resident” Obama?), it’s an outstanding summary of what the combined forces of Socialism have done to attempt to turn the USA into another Venezuela.


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